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Even though I love Vietnamese cuisine, I knew at one point in my travels I would have an intense craving for a taste of home. If you find yourself feeling the same way I did when I came to Saigon, I highly recommend checking out L’Usine.


I decided to try out L’Usine after seeing it ranked on Tripadvisor as one of the top cafés to go to for breakfast. Finding L’Usine was relatively easy with the use of Google maps and it is nestled in between two other shops. Initially, I wasn’t sure if we were at the right place since it didn’t look anything like a café and I only saw clothes and knick-knacks for sale. Then I noticed to stairs leading to the second floor.


Ahh yes, take me to heaven.

I immediately felt relaxed and at home when I was on the second floor and it seriously seemed as if I had somehow transported to a café at home. It was just a wave of relief and comfort and I truly believe that that every backpacker needs this refresher at any point in their travels. The café has numerous places to sit and eat, drink a coffee, or complete some work.


Not only was I pleased with the overall atmosphere of the place, but I almost fainted from sheer joy when I saw the menu.


UM I will take everything, thanks.

I went with the “Brekki Burger” seeing as a poached egg in Vietnam seemed to be a luxury item and I was suffering from withdraws since leaving Korea. I also got a side dish of pumpkin and potato hash since it sounded (and was) delicious.


God is real.


Come to MAMA.

Not only did they get me to buy a main dish, side dish and a drink, but they also managed to squeeze a dessert out of me.


Well played L’Usine… well played.

Overall, L’Usine is a pricey meal but if you are in dire need of a taste of home, just do it. There is going to be one point in your travels where you feel like you are exhausted and just want to go home. I recommend just taking a deep breath, eat some cake and drink some tea while relaxing in the ambiance of L’Usine and you will be as good as new. It worked for me, and I truly hope it can work for you too!


  1. I went here too! You know there are 2 of these in Saigon? How are the travels going you ho? xoxo

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