Highland Sport Travel Canyoning Tour

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Cost: 825,000 VND/ 37 USD

Is it worth it? 10/10

Website: Highland Sport Travel Website

When going to Da Lat, you will find that many people come to Da Lat to do canyoning and abseiling and it is the best. I went through Highland Sport Travel and I had a great time. I believe there is another tour group that costs a little more and goes to the highest waterfall (65 meters) from Da Lat called Groovy Gecko Tours, but it is a bit of a drive away from where most of the hostels. You will have fun canyoning and abseiling in Da Lat, regardless of any tour that you choose to go through. 

You will have fun canyoning and abseiling in Da Lat, regardless of any tour that you choose to go through.

I was really happy with the tour group that I chose since our tour guides were very friendly, energetic, and knowledgable about the route and tour we were on. I would say that the tour guides and the group of people I was with were the main reason I had such an enjoyable experience. When booking through this tour, I forgot that I was traveling alone and immediately felt like I was with a group of friends I’d known for a while.  


One the the many beautiful sights in Da Lat

The Breakdown:

Sliding down the canyons: If you like waterslides, then you will love being sent down the smoothed out parts of the canyons into the pools of water below. This was so much fun and one may be apprehensive at first, but it is more controlled that one may think. You have a helmet, water suit and a lifejacket, which serve as protective gear so that you feel safe doing any of the adventure activities. We were able to go down a couple runs and were also able to do them more than once, which was great. Afterwards, you could just float down the river as the current takes you to the next stop on your tour.   

Worth it? 10/10


The best kind of waterslide

Abseiling: If you are nervous about not being experienced with abseiling, worry no more! Everyone on the tour is pretty much a beginner and the tour guides are aware of this and are very patient. Before you even start the canyoning tour, you practice abseiling on a hill with a tree and the guides help you perfect your technique. Also when abseiling, you need to make sure you listen to the tour guides because there will be a point where you cannot abseil anymore and need to let go. Just make sure you listen to and trust your tour guides when they say, “Let go!” Don’t stress and just have fun.  

Worth it? 10/10


Abseiling down the biggest waterfall for the day


Let go!

Lunch: The lunch was everything I ever wanted and consisted of: fresh watermelon, bananas, vegetables, meat, cheese, bread and even some cakes. It was so delicious and it really hit the spot after canyoning all day. You truly get the most for what you pay and the lunch did not disappoint.  

Worth it? 10/10


Food is so important to me when it comes to picking a tour!

Overall, I think this was the best tour that I did in all of Vietnam. It was a combination of all of the things that I love, which includes: fitness, the outdoors and healthy food. I think that it was a prefect amount of adventure sports for the day and was so happy that I did the tour. I think anyone, traveling alone or with a friend needs to do this tour.


Just do it!


  • Meet new people
  • Have transportation taken care for you
  • Great food
  • Great tour guides
  • Best value for your money


  • Some people wish that this tour went to the 65 meter waterfall

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