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Halong Bay Party Boat Tour

Cost: 2,950,000 VND/ 132 USD Is it worth it? 6.6/10 Website: Central Backpackers Hostel Halong Bay Tour Whenever I talk to people about the Halong Bay boat tours, I always get mixed reviews. Some people think it is necessary when coming to Vietnam, whereas others may think that it’s a bit overrated. Personally, I think that it is somewhere right in the middle of those two descriptions. When I first came to Vietnam in October as a solo female traveler, I was a…

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Sapa Homestay

Cost: 1,340,000 VND/ 60 USD Is it worth it? 7.5/10 Website: Central Backpackers Hostel 2 Day 1 Night Sapa Homestay As I have said before in other posts, I believe that going to places or doing activities through an organized tour isn’t a bad idea if you’re traveling alone or don’t know how to organize going on your own. When I went to Vietnam alone, I wasn’t sure what to expect as a solo traveler so I decided to book the 2 Day/1 Night…

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