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Horseback Riding… in the Sea?

Cost: 38 USD Is it worth it? 9/10 Website: The Liberty Horse Ranch When I first got to Otres Beach, my intentions were to mostly swim in the sea, run on the beach and eat fresh fruits while basking in the sun. While I love all of those things and enjoyed every moment I had at Sea Garden, there was one day when I was just having a really bad day. A lot of people find it hard to believe that someone who is…

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5 Bad Habits You May Adopt When Island Hopping

Oh the islands. Everyone dreams about tanning on a beach while drinking a piña colada when they are stuck in an office at a dead-end job or trapped indoors during a winter blizzard. The islands may seem like a perfect escape from reality and that in paradise nothing can go wrong. However, you are sorely mistaken if you think that you can get away with these five bad habits that I, and many other backpackers adopted while island hopping. Too…

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