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Beach Bum Workout

Directions:  Warm up by walking or jogging in place for 5 minutes Complete “Set 1” two times Rest 30 seconds Complete “Set 2” two times Rest 30 seconds Complete “Set 3” two times Rest 60 seconds Repeat steps 2-7 Cool down/stretch for 5 minutes Enjoy this workout either while chilling on the beach or even just in your own living room! Fitness has no boundaries and your health should be important to you. Enjoy this workout along with others you…

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5 Bad Habits You May Adopt When Island Hopping

Oh the islands. Everyone dreams about tanning on a beach while drinking a piña colada when they are stuck in an office at a dead-end job or trapped indoors during a winter blizzard. The islands may seem like a perfect escape from reality and that in paradise nothing can go wrong. However, you are sorely mistaken if you think that you can get away with these five bad habits that I, and many other backpackers adopted while island hopping. Too…

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My Top Running Spots in Vietnam

Cát Bá Island I was pleasantly surprised to see how on Cát Bá, they had a sidewalk parallel to the sea, which makes for a scenic, but safe route for runners. I didn’t have much time to run here and unfortunately didn’t have my camera, but take my word for it and go for a jog here if you can! Enjoy the lovely views of the bay while you feel the cool breeze from the sea.  Distance: Le Pont Cat Ba Club to…

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A Collection of Vietnamese Dishes

Something that I loved about Vietnamese food was not only how inexpensive it was, but was how fresh the food was. If I was ever in need of finding fresh fruit or vegetables, I never found it to be difficult. For any traveler who is trying to maintain a balanced diet while abroad, Vietnam makes it very easy to do so. For any traveler who is trying to maintain a balanced diet with many fruits and vegetables, Vietnam makes it…

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