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A Collection of Vietnamese Dishes

Something that I loved about Vietnamese food was not only how inexpensive it was, but was how fresh the food was. If I was ever in need of finding fresh fruit or vegetables, I never found it to be difficult. For any traveler who is trying to maintain a balanced diet while abroad, Vietnam makes it very easy to do so. For any traveler who is trying to maintain a balanced diet with many fruits and vegetables, Vietnam makes it…

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Highlights of Vietnam

  Hanoi was a great starting point for my trip and I found that it was easy to meet people and also learn about different places that backpackers had already gone to in Vietnam. If you are traveling alone, starting in Hanoi can easily calm your nerves and get you set in the right direction with figuring out your travel route in Vietnam. Hanoi is also conveniently located with buses always coming in and out of the city, which makes…

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Comfort Food

Even though I love Vietnamese cuisine, I knew at one point in my travels I would have an intense craving for a taste of home. If you find yourself feeling the same way I did when I came to Saigon, I highly recommend checking out L’Usine. I decided to try out L’Usine after seeing it ranked on Tripadvisor as one of the top cafés to go to for breakfast. Finding L’Usine was relatively easy with the use of Google maps and it…

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Mekong Delta Tour

Cost: 179,000 VND/ 8 USD Is it worth it? 6.5/10 Website: No need to book through a website. You can walk up to any tour guide company in Ho Chi Minh City and find a tour right away.  When I got to Ho Chi Minh City, I didn’t plan to do a tour of the Mekong Delta, but I figured, “Hey, when in Rome…” and booked a tour anyways. I am so happy that the tour didn’t cost too much money because…

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