Gymless Abs/Cardio Workout

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  1. Warm up by walking or jogging in place for 5 minutes
  2. Complete “Set 1” two times
  3. Rest 30 seconds
  4. Complete “Set 2” two times
  5. Rest 30 seconds
  6. Complete “Set 3” two times
  7. Rest 30 seconds
  8. Complete “Set 4” two times
  9. Rest 60 seconds
  10. Repeat steps 2-8
  11. Cool down/stretch for 5 minutes


  1. This video/workout is awesome! We did the T25 videos on our last backpacking trip, but I am not sure what we will do on our next travels! These videos are great! Especially since working out on the road is EASY not to do and it is so EASY to make excuses why you’re not working out while traveling. How long would you say it took you to complete the entire workout? I love that you did it on the beach too…We woke up before sunrise in Thailand once to do T25 on the beach thinking there would be NO ONE on the beach, but tons of people were there waiting for the sunrise hahah! It got us over our fear of people seeing us workout in public though. Thanks for sharing!!! I will be following all of these posts for fitness tips while we travel!

    1. Author

      I edited out the people that walked by me during my workout and it was so funny when we would look at each other. It is just a matter of getting over the fear of being judged and just focusing on what matters: you staying healthy. It always helps when you have someone with you as well! If you go through all the sets one time, then it should take 15-20 minutes. If you repeat all of the sets for a second round, then it cane take you from 30-40 minutes. I personally do one set if the weather is making life harder (but as fast as I can to make it a HIIT- high intensity training workout), but challenge yourself and try and do both!

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